Overcoming Paralysis with the help of the Mind – and BCI

Source: labmate-online.com

In a feat that reflects the sheer brilliance of humankind, a team of scientists has reversed the effects of paralysis and enabled a man to walk again using the power of his mind. With zero help from an exoskeleton, robotic limbs or brain implant, the achievement marks a huge step forward for the physical rehabilitation sphere. The results have been published in the Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation and have already got the globe chatting.

Mind over matter

The patient was a 26 year old man who suffered a spinal cord injury that led to no motor movement in his lower limbs. He couldn’t walk and could barely feel sensation in the lower half of his body, until now…

Read more here: http://www.labmate-online.com/news/news-and-views/5/breaking_news/man_uses_mind_to_overcome_paralysis/36457/

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