Mind Solutions Inc – The New Score

Source: microcapdaily.com

Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) recently made an explosive move up to highs near $0.005 but has fallen back to $0.001 level since.

VOIS has a history of big moves running to $0.0086 back in October of last year and investors are hoping it can do it again. A break over a penny and a move up from there is what everyone is looking for here.


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BCI helps Kids with Cerebral Palsy to communicate easier

Source: science20.com

The Augmented BNCI Communication projects has developed a new brain-computer interface system to enhance communication skills of people with cerebral palsys.

Cerebral palsy is a chronic movement disability affects between 2 and 3 per 1,000 people. People with Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy (DCP), 15% of the cases, have normal intelligence ability but cannot speak or express themselves due to lack of motor control.


Read more here: http://www.science20.com/news_articles/braincomputer_interface_makes_communication_for_kids_with_cerebral_palsy_easier-155804

A robotic Arm controlled by Thought

Source: kurzweilai.net

Paralyzed from the neck down, Erik G. Sorto now can smoothly move a robotic arm just by thinking about it, thanks to a clinical collaboration between Caltech, Keck Medicine of USC and Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

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