Mind-controlled robots: the factories of the future?

The ability to control the physical world with your mind using a brain-computer interface or a mind machine has traditionally been focused on health care, and more recently the gaming industry. Now, thanks to cutting-edge technology pioneered by Altran, these applications are set to transform the way man and machine communicate on the factory floor.

DARPA: BCI in US Defense – Is the Cyborg World near?

Source: crazyengineers.com

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), US R&D department of Defense, is determined to develop an implantable neural interface that would act as a bridge between minds of soldiers and the computer. DARPA plans to introduce a mind-machine interface (MMI) chip in the military that might take us a step closer to a world inhabited by cyborgs. The chip would serve as a translator, converting between electrochemical signals channelized by the neuron and Binary language. The primary idea emphasizes on capturing smart communication in a one cubic centimetre sized device.


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